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Looking for a Cabinet Showroom in the Indianapolis area?

At ICC Floors Plus, our goal is to make the design process easy on the customer.

Whether you are starting from the beginning and need step-by-step guidance or know exactly what you need, ICC Floors Plus’s new showroom will give you a quick, efficient, and joyful shopping experience. Our new showroom will help ensure a smooth transition between design projects. You will not have to worry about miscommunication and delays with different contractors because it will all be serviced by our team. From cabinet vignettes to countertops to flooring, all of our products work together in order to show you different styles and design trends in the industry.

Designing Your Cabinets

At ICC Floors Plus, we have three professional designers here on staff. By using the latest 3D cabinet software, we create a pain-free process to help transform your home and bring your dream oasis to life.